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    DIGITAL ROMANIA PROJECT: what does R.O.A.D. 2005 contain and how much doest it cost?

  Technical features
Current version: 1.23
Visualizing programs: MapSource v6.5 or higher, licensed from Garmin, included on CD;
Target platforms: PC with Windows 95/98/XP/2000, Pocket PC + GPS Garmin. Available soon on Palm OS.
Data format: Garmin, owner;
  The atlas is divided into more than 200 map files that can be individually charged on the Garmin GPS, according to the zone to be visited. The files vary between a few Kbytes and over 1 Mbyte, in total having >47 Mbytes.
  The atlas allows searching for points of interest (POI) whether by name or by distance. In the cities from the detailed zones it is possible to search also for the name of the street. Most of the points have assigned a county or a town name, so that researches in a certain county/town can be made.

Announcement:All users that bought CDs/licenses starting with version 1.14 can upgrade FOR FREE at the version 1.23.

  Reference scale: 1:100.000
Surfaces: all cities in Romania, lakes and swamps, the seaside of the Black Sea, the Delta of the Danube;
Lines: the administrative limits of the Romanian counties and the State border line, the limits of the communes in the counties of Brasov and Gorj, the European roads, highways A1 and A2, national and county roads, all big and medium-sized rivers in Romania and approximately 75% from the small rivers in Romania (Tisa, Mures, Timis, Bega, Nera, Jiu, Olt, Arges basins), the level curves with equidistance of 40 m, railways, landing paths of the civilian airports, bathymetry (in a few areas in the Black Sea);
Points of interes: over 70000 toponymies (cities, forests, valleys, peaks, mountains, hills, plateaus, and other forms of relief, caves, mines, fountains, towers, lakes, swamps, marshes, canals, forest stock-yards and hunting chalets, etc.), over 14000 points gathered with the GPS representing hotels, restaurants, churches, monuments, gas stations, city halls, public buildings or companies, trading companies, sanitary and education units, railway stations and halts, bus terminals, airports, aerodromes, marinas, beaches, swim basins, health resorts, camps, camping, boarding-houses, phones, postal units, pharmacies, bars, casinos, vehicles service, vehicles laundries, vehicles dealers, etc.

  Reference scale 1: 15.000 or higher
Detailed areas: Bucharest, Suceava, Iasi, Oradea, Cluj-Napoca, Turda, Huedin, Timisoara, Arad, Targu Mures at a street level, surface between towns, industrial areas, parks, forests, gardens, orchards, waters and interest points PLUS the Danube Delta(swamps, canals, lakes, hillocks, toponymy).

  How much does the Romanian Digital Atlas cost?
Its price is of RON 713 with VAT included (approximately EURO 166 +VAT).

Promotion: All ROAD 2005 users will receive the right of including a POI (Point of Interest) in the 2006 version. To this end, they have to fill this form (pdf form) and to send it to, specifying the serial number of the ROAD2005 CD!

Upgrades for next versions will cost up to 50%, less than in the list price. For pupils, students, postgraduates and the personnel in the education institutions there will be also a 5-% discount. For those who want to resale this product, there is an attractive discount. The product will be promoted especially through official partners of Garmin, specialized companies and Project participants.

The price for each supplementary unblocking code is of 50$+VAT

Note: For details about orders and online payment of the Romania Digital Atlas, please go to Terms and conditions of payment. For details about the license contract of the Romania Digital Atlas, please go to Contract of License of the End User of the RO.A.D 2005 Software

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