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The myNature Project is a private initiative whose aim is to develop an informational structure in the field of bio-variety and to protect nature in Romania. It addresses to all nature lovers, whether scientists, biologists to- be or just naturalists. One of our most ardent desires is to make people know things about nature. We are sure that a better knowing can only lead to a better attitude of man towards nature.

The myNature activity includes various sections:
  • the projects web page, through which we want to spread a part of the information. This web site contains quizzes about the data base mynature.db (see details below), pictures and soft applications for biologists (but not only).
  • o myNature.db is a data base that has a lot of information about the Romanian flora and fauna, information coming from various areas, such as literature, museum collections, private collections or other unpublished documents. Do you want to know where you can find a certain plant? Or which species can you see in a certain area of Romania? We wish that this data base became your reference point, from which you start your research. Right now we are a long way from our target, but you should visit out log page to see an up-to-date report of the sign-ups in our data base. The papers published in our country throughout the years hide an enormous amount of information about bio-variety (including geographical distribution). We want to put together all this data and thus give a full image of the level of knowledge of bio-variety in Romania. The museum collections probably have thousands of species, that, analyzed in there own geographic area, can lead to a wider picture. We also want to contribute with new data, minutely researched for. We are aiming at those regions that havent been sufficiently investigated yet.
  • o myNature.exe is a desktop application under Windows that we created hoping that it would become a means of interacting between the more advanced participants/users and myNature. This application can be used both for asking questions about myNature.db and for developing a personal data base in mynature.db format. myNature.exe uses a local data base (that of the user), but it has possibilities to download/upload from/to myNature.db, which is online. This application can present the biological information in a GIS context and the user doesnt need another software application.

    But, in order for such a big project to be carried out, it needs the collaboration of a great number of participants. We are looking forward to interacting with them. The way in which you can help this project come true is minutely presented in the project pages.

    Motivation for being part of The Digital Romania Project Just like Digital Romania, myNature`s aim is to remove all unknown elements from the map of Romania. As the information we put together are in a GIS context, they can come in handy for The Digital Romania Project also. Moreover, since we constantly use the GPS in our activities, we can also bring new geospatial data apart from the biological one. We hope in an alliance between various projects listed here for the protection of nature and the wellbeing of the community.
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