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Object of activity
Software development; sale of informational products; specialized technical assistance

The main beneficiaries in the field of geo-spatial services
  - Gorj County Counsel - development of GIS application for the management of the county roads (contract fulfilled with Intergraph Computer Services Bucharest); development of an application of management of the traffic signs on the county roads, reliability of the roads, bridges, winter program, in GIS and WEB-GIS format; introduction of the road security, of the slip areas, of the localities statistic data, of the preliminary agreements and the traffic counting in Gorj county; update of the urban data banks based on the cadastral plans 1:5000 of IGFCOT and of the existing PUG (contract in progress); consultancy related to the updating method of the data in urbanism, based on the unique GIS format requested at the introduction of the PUG.

  - Dolj County Counsel - Implementation of a management system of the roads in Dolj County.

  - Inspectorate of Civil Protection Gorj - fulfillment of the GIS application for the application "Jiul 2001"; fulfillment in national premier of a system of management of the risk factors in GIS system; data update by introducing the material assurance and the intervention formations; advice related to the management of the intervention in case of natural disasters (including simulation of the effects of breaking out a barrage by delimitation of the affected houses and adoption of the optimal intervention measures); precise delimitation of the Civil Protection objectives in Gorj county based on the cadastral plans 1:5000 of IGFCOT (contract in progress).

  - - Municipality of Targu Jiu - aupdate of the digital map with counting data and introduction of the Urban General Plan in GIS system.

  - Municipality of Bucharest - Advice for the development of an integrated information system of the type GIS (Urban Data Bank) at the town hall of the Bucharest Municipality.

  - S.C. Aquaterm S.A. - Staff training in using Geomedia for the introduction for the water and channeling networks.

  - - National Company of Lignite Oltenia - development of WEB-GIS application for the management of the geo-topo data of CNLO subcontracted.

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