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RO.A.D.2014.44 Launch

RO.A.D.2014.44 Launch

Sheba Distribution SRL, a Garmin representative in Romania, has the pleasure to announce the availability of the new edition of the Digital Atlas of Romania v6.44, RO.A.D.2014.44.

Continuing in the well known tradition for the Romanian Garmin customers, the Digital Atlas of Romania holds on to the number one place in the GPS road navigation map charts by bringing an extra 6,091.18 km of roads up to a grand total of 359,564.28 km, having significant increased coverage added in the counties Sibiu, Dolj, Ialomiţa, Neamţ, Bacău, Constanţa and Gorj and the number of POIs raises in this edition to a staggering 408.031 points divided into 507 categories.

ROAD2014.44 is the only GPS navigation map in the world that combines topographic details with a routable road network – including dirt roads and trails – with postal addresses of unequaled precision, towns with extruded 3D blocks of flats and detailed 3D textured models for both old patrimony buildings and new skyscrapers, true landmarks of today’s urban space. Map updates are constant and consistent from one edition to another and are documented in the Map Diaries, where all the contributions and their respective authors are mentioned together with the names of the cities and the map tiles that have changed.

Compared with common maps on the market, the Digital Atlas of Romania has an unequaled level of detail and actuality, featuring the A1 motorway segment between Cunţa and Sălişte, the new link between A1 and E68 East of Sebeş, the second thread of the Mihai Bravu bypass from Bucureşti, the underground passage from Piatra-Neamţ, Bridge no. 2 from Agigea and the new bridge over the railway from Râmnicu Vâlcea, plus the wind farms from Grădina, Cogealac, Fântânele, Mihai Viteazu, Corbu from Constanţa county and Stejaru from Tulcea county and access to them, the industrial park from Borş, the Renault Technologie trials park from Titu, the Sun Garden Resort & SPA from Baciu and Jolie Ville Galleria from Voluntari.

In this edition we have postal addresses in the following towns: CORNĂŢEL, DAIA, GHIJASA DE JOS, HOSMAN, NOU, NUCET, ROŞIA, SACADATE, STENEA, ŢICHINDEAL, VEŞEUD, VURPĂR, DAIA NOUĂ, MARPOD, NOCRICH, BUIA, ALTINA, MIHĂILENI, RASTU NOU, RASTU VECHI, PISCU VECHI, PISCULEŢ, DESA, TUNARII VECHI, POIANA MARE, CATANE, GHIDICI, CIUPERCENII NOI, SMÂRDAN, CIUPERCENII VECHI, CALAFAT, GHEORGHE DOJA, ANDRĂŞEŞTI, CIOCHINA, ORBOEŞTI, BUEŞTI, PIERSICA, BORDUŞELU, MARSILIENI, ALBEŞTI, BATALURI, RASOVA, DUNĂRENI, VIILE, ION CORVIN, RĂZOARELE, STRUNGA, SATU NOU, OLTINA, FLORIILE, ALIMAN, VLAHII, COCHIRLENI, BĂNEASA, NEGURENI, OREZU, SFÂNTU GHEORGHE, MALU, BUTOIU, Poiana Sărată, Hârja, OSTROV, BUGEAC, GALIŢA, SEIMENII MICI, SEIMENI, DUNĂREA, CAPIDAVA, TOPALU, the settlements Izvoru Alb, Izvoru Muntelui, Potoci and Secu that belong o the town of Bicaz; Gârcina commune (aprox. 75% of its numbering) with the Cuejdiu village (aprox. 75%); the town of Roznov with the villages Chintinici and Slobozia; the Săvinești commune.the villages Agârcia, Bisericani, Bistrița, Scăricica, Vaduri, Vădurele and Viișoara belonging to the Alexandru cel Bun commune; the commune Dumbrava Roșie with the villages Brășăuți and Cut; the commune Piatra Șoimului with the villages Luminiș, Negulești, Poieni, the commune Borlești with the villages Mastacăn, Nechit, Șovoaia; the Ruginești village belonging to the Hangu commune; the Cășăria and Sărata villages belonging to the Dobreni commune; Pângărați commune with Pângărăcior, Preluca, Stejaru, Poiana and Oanțu villages; the village Dumbrava-Deal belonging to the Săvinești commune; the Izvoare village belonging to the Dumbrava Roșie commune; the Tarcău commune with the Brateș, Cazaci, Ardeluța, Schitu Tarcău and Straja villages; the Tașca commune with the Hamzoaia and Ticoș-Floarea villages; the Tazlău commune; revised and completed the following towns: Piatra-Neamţ, Bicaz with Capșa and Dodeni subdivisions; the villages (subdivisions) Ciritei, Doamna and Văleni belonging to the town of Piatra Neamț; the villages Căciulești, Gura Văii, Popești, Turturești, Verșești belonging to the Girov commune, the Girov commune (the new postal numbering scheme), the Dobreni commune, COŞLUGEA, IZVOARELE, LIPNIŢA, CANLIA, TÂRGU CĂRBUNEŞTI, CĂRBUNEŞTI-SAT, COJANI, ROGOJENI, ŞTEFĂNEŞTI, TÂRGU GĂNGULEŞTI, DEALU ALUNIŞ, DAMTENI, BERBEŞTI (partial), TRAIAN, SĂCELE, FÂNTÂNELE, COGEALAC, NUNTAŞI, ISTRIA, PALAZU MIC, GURA DOBROGEI, TARIVERDE, MIHAI VITEAZU, SINOE, TICHILEŞTI and GHINDĂREŞTI villages.

Detailed acces to the retail stores Galeria Arad, Metro and Praktiker Arad, Kaufland and Penny Market from Comăneşti, Leroy-Merlin from Piteşti, Praktiker from Piatra-Neamţ, Profi, Penny and Lidl from Moineşti, Lidl from Balş, Leroy-Merlin, Lidl and Decathlon from Ploieşti, Lidl Bd. Timişoara, Vulcan Value Center (Carrefour, Kaufland, etc.), Lidl and Nissan from Valea Oltului str. from Bucureşti, Centrul Comercial Tom, Selgros, Decathlon and Dedeman from Tomis Blvd., Real grocery store and Leroy-Merlin from Aurel Vlaicu Blvd. from Constanţa, Kaufland from Năvodari, Lidl from Eforie Nord, Carrefour Coşbuc from Galaţi, Lidl from Târnăveni, Kaufland from Mediaş, Auchan, Proges and Leroy-Merlin from Târgu Mureş, Kaufland and Metro from Oradea, Lidl, Baumax, Kaufland Fabricii and Profi Mărăşti from Cluj-Napoca, Altex and Kaufland from Sighetu Marmaţiei, Kaufland from Bacău, Kaufland from Rădăuţi, Penny Market, Billa and Carrefour Express from Petroşani, Auchan, Praktiker and Kaufland din Satu Mare, Alba Mall from Alba Iulia, Shopping City from Suceava, Leroy-Merlin and Paradisul Acvatic from Braşov, Lidl from Năsăud, Leroy-Merlin, Praktiker, Altex and Metro from Timişoara and Kaufland from Zalău plus many new oneway streets have been added together with 120 (onehundredandtwenty) new roundabouts.

The 3D textured model gallery has been enriched with the ideal reconstitution of the roman byzantine fortresses Libida from Slava Rusă and Argamum from Jurilovca, as well as the Roman Mosaic Edifice from Tomis Constanţa.

History aficionados will discover in this edition in premiere the detailed elements of the fortified getic settlement from Cervenia-Dealul Cetăţii, of a presumed Dacian tower from Sarmizegetusa Regia, of a possible earth castra from Săcele, of a preesumed bent in the Limes TransAlutanus south of Piteşti, of several ruins from Oraşul de Floci, of the defense ditch of the Christian? Camp? from Şibot-Ţelinile Şibotului, of the castles from Bonţida, Arcalia and Bela Fay from Simeria as well as representative points of the Panteonului Moţilor from Ţebea, a part of the Romanian batteries from the 1877-1878 Independence War around Calafat, World War Two casemates and bunkers from Constanţa, nameplaces relative to the WW2 battle from Oarba de Mureş, tens of monuments from the first and second world wars, public forum monuments and military cemeteries from the entire territory of Romania.

Featuring an original concept, with quarterly updates, the result of almost 11 years of continuous development of the experts and contributors of the Digital Romania Project team, the Digital Atlas of Romania is the choice of professionals in all fields and the preferred navigation tool for all nature goers.

This edition has 648.8 MB in size and runs exclusively on Garmin navigation equipment, an updated list of compatibility being available at the below link:


The use of RO.A.D.2014.44 map can create addiction to quality, value, functionality and beauty!