• RO.A.D.2012.10 Glossary

    RO.A.D.2012.10 Glossary (1-48) RO.A.D.2012.10 Glossary (49-112) RO.A.D.2012.10 Glossary (113-131)

  • Road 2006

    Digital Romania Project: what does R.O.A.D. 2006 contain and how much doest it cost? Technical features Current version: 2.14 Visualizing programs: MapSource…

  • Motivation

    Why Digital Romania? It�s been a few years since we are the Garmin representation for Romania and we are trying to make…

  • Distributors

    Romania Sheba Distribution – Bucuresti Adresa: Strada Tg. Neamt nr. 11, bl. M2B 8/4, sc. B, et. 6, ap. 71, sector 6,…

  • Technical aspects

    For the first version of the Digital Romania Atlas, the reference scale will be of 1: 15 000 for the city areas…

  • Prospective Projects

    The Digital Romania Project: timeline In the following four years, at least, we will continue our struggle to draw up this map….

  • Advantages

    The Digital Romania Project: timeline 1. Everyone who will take part in the Digital Romania Project will receive at least a CD…

  • Registration

    The Digital Romania Project: Registration Due to the fact that Garmin constantly develops its range of products that deal with routing and…

  • Agreement

    Licence agreement. contract.doc Attachments. anexa.doc

  • Recognition

    The Digital Romania Project, carried out by Sheba Distribution, has received an important recognition within the first edition of “Annual Investment Awards”,…

  • Banners

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  • ORDA

    Dupa oaresce truda si stradanii birocratice am reusit sa inscriem la ORDA in registrul programelor pe calculator Atlasul Digital al Romaniei, ROAD2006….

  • Credits

    Cd-ul conţine date licenţiate de la RQA, DATAINVEST, TOPCON, MICROMAPPER (Kuszalik Joszef – www.harta-turistica.ro), SUNCART, A.N.M., A.A.C.R., Search Corporation (Cristi Tudora), Universtatea…

  • Contact

    The Digital Romania Project has the objective of carrying out the digital map of Romania, including topographic and business information and the…

  • Self-assessment documents

    Self-assessment documents