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Prospective Projects

The Digital Romania Project: timeline

In the following four years, at least, we will continue our struggle to draw up this map. We are asking all the GIS firms in the country to help us, by providing detailed, correct and up-to-date maps of the towns we haven�t covered yet. Our aim is that the next version should also contain details about the forests, the pastures and the industrial areas at the scale of 1:100,000 or even at a larger one and we�ll do all the necessary processing on the already existing data, in order to implement the automatic routing in the 2006 version.
We�ll keep on bringing new information at a higher and higher resolution (scale), as they become accessible to us. We are thus making a request to all educational institutions with a GIS profile to make joint programmes in which the students use the latest Garmin technology to draw up their diploma papers or during their field trips, a technology that we want to make accessible at promotional prices.
The Digital Romania Project is still open to the participation of both legal and natural persons, that are interested in sharing with the others their personal experiences and the data they have acquired. It is very unlikely to find in Romania a GIS company that has the financial power and the specialised personnel as to do all by itself something that can match to The Digital Romania Project�s collaborative efforts and philosophy.
Only through our common efforts will we succeed in having a map better than those of all our neighbours, despite the fact that we don�t have a GPS map yet. And this is due to the fact that none of our neighbours has such a density of intelligence and ambition as we have here in Romania.
But this map doesn�t represent a purpose in itself, but a means of getting to know our own country and of better selling our products and services. When we started this project, we were thinking exactly at Digital Romania, not only at its map… In out map, we want to make room for web pages with tourist and business descriptions, so that whenever someone is interested in something, be it tourist or business information, to be able to find all the necessary data, either as an offline HTML web page, or as a link to the page of the information provider. In this way, with the help of images and texts written in many foreign languages, we are hoping to bring into Romania more investments and many tourists, both local and foreigners.
We want to make links towards all the tourism portals in Romania, and to aggressively promote each other. We�ll translate the information in our portal in many languages and we will increase the visibility of Romanian offers and their exact position in the world. Why? Because we haven�t lost our faith in Romania and in its people! Not that we lacked reasons for a doubt! Or reasons to leave!