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Faculty of Geodesy

Faculty of Geodesy, in the Technical University of Constructions in Bucharest, with its over 600 students, is the only faculty in the field in our country which, by the two sections of Geodesy and Cadastre offers an attractive study space for those who want a specialization in techniques and methods for measuring and representation of the Earth surface [Helmert 1880], and for those who want to be integrate in the fulfillment of the unitary system and of compulsory technical, economic and judicial evidence, through which there is the identification, the registration, the representation on maps and cadastre plans of all fields and other mobile goods throughout the country, no matter their destination and the landlord. [Law 7/1996]

The Faculty of Geodesy has at the moment two specializations: Specialization Geodesy and specialization Cadastre, the ratio of the students of the two sections being of 50% (70 students in 140 in 1996 and 100 students in 200 in 2000). There are three departments in the Faculty of Geodesy in the Technical University of Constructions in Bucharest: “Department of Geodesy and Photogrametry, “Department of Topography and Cadastre” and “Department of Physics “.