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RO.A.D.2014.20 Launch

RO.A.D.2014.20 Launch

Sheba Distribution SRL, a Garmin representative in Romania, has the pleasure to announce the availability of the new edition of the Digital Atlas of Romania v6.20, RO.A.D.2014.20.

Continuing in the well known tradition for the Romanian Garmin customers, the Digital Atlas of Romania holds on to the number one place in the GPS road navigation map charts by bringing an extra 15,501.38 km of roads up to a grand total of 343,771.17 km , having increased coverage added in the counties Alba, Bihor, Cluj, Buzău, Vaslui, Suceava, Călăraşi, Ialomiţa and Bacău and the number of POIs raises in this edition to a staggering 377,770 points divided into 500 categories.

ROAD2014.20 is the only GPS navigation map in the world that combines topographic details with a routable road network – including dirt roads and trails – with postal addresses of unequaled precision, towns with extruded 3D blocks of flats and detailed 3D textured models for both old patrimony buildings and new skyscrapers, true landmarks of today’s urban space. Map updates are constant and consistent from one edition to another and are documented in the Map Diaries, where all the contributions and their respective authors are mentioned together with the names of the cities and the map tiles that have changed.

Compared with common maps on the market, the Digital Atlas of Romania has an unequaled level of detail and actuality, featuring the new link between Cireşu and Topoloveni, plus postal addresses in the following towns: BORDUŞANI, VLĂDENI, PROGRESU, FĂCĂIENI, MOVILA, HAGIENI, LĂCUSTENI, PLATONEŞTI, SUDIŢI, SĂVENI, FRĂŢILEŞTI, OGRADA, BUCU, GURA VĂII, MĂRCULEŞTI, STELNICA, CEGANI, MALTEZI, SCÂNTEIA, IAZU, MIHAIL KOGĂLNICEANU, GIURGENI, GURA IALOMIŢEI, LUCIU, DUMITREŞTI, BUCŞA, VALEA CIORII, MURGEANCA, BORA, COSÂMBEŞTI, Gura Humorului, Voroneț, Frasin, Bucșoaia, Doroteia and Plutonița. Many new oneway streets have been added plus 21 (twentyone) new roundabouts that have been implemented in the last three months.

The 3D textured model gallery has been enriched with the detailed representation of the Biserica din Deal evangelic church from Sighişoara, of the ideal reconstitutions of the Forensis, Simple, Transept, Tank and Marble Basilicas plus the walls and towers of the roman byzantine fortress Tropaeum Traiani from Adamclisi.

History aficionados will discover in this edition in premiere the detailed elements of the Tell like e-Neolithic settlements of the Gumelniţa Culture from Balaci-Hodorog, Balaci-Măgura din Baltă, Burdeni, Beuca-Plopi, Brebina, Dobroteşti, Dracşenei, Măgura din Livezi, Plopi, Tecuci, Zâmbreasca, Blejeşti, Măgura cu Liliac, Măgura Morii, Măgura Tui, Măgura Zamfirei, Măgura-Bran, Muţi, Nenciuleşti, Odobeasca and Plosca, of the bronze age fortified settlements from Biled-Câmpia Arsă and Cenei, of the prehistoric fortification from Săcele-Dealul Bunloc, of the of the roman stone and earth castra and marina quay from Bistreţ-Plosca, of two possible roman castra aestiva from Ariuşd and Baraolt-Dealul Mare, of the Biserica din Deal evangelic church from Sighişoara, of the vallum and late medieval camp from Popricani, of the fortification of undetermined period from Scobinţi-Grădiştea, of the modern siege and defense fortifications from Calafat, of the Russian forts, redoubts and batteries from Slobozia-Lunete, of the redoubt and two Russian camps from Frăţeşti and of the Russian battery from Grădiştea-Grădiştea Cuneştilor. All Wallachian S, SE and E border pickets from 1864 have been introduced as points.

Featuring an original concept, with quarterly updates, the result of more than 10 years of continuous development of the experts and contributors of the Digital Romania Project team, the Digital Atlas of Romania is the choice of professionals in all fields and the preferred navigation tool for all nature goers.

This edition has 633 MB in size and runs exclusively on Garmin navigation equipment, an updated list of compatibility being available at the below link:

The use of RO.A.D.2014.20 map can create addiction to quality, value, functionality and beauty!