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The National Meteorological Administration is the national authority in the field of Meteorology that unitarily deploys the surveillance of the meteorological factors, in order to inform the population and the decision factors, for preventing and diminishing losses due to dangerous effects, through elaboration of meteorological diagnosis and prognosis, and studies of specific research. INMH ensures constitution and administration of the National Fund of meteorological data (FNDM) necessary for the meteorological substantiation of projection, execution and exploitation of different economic-social objectives and for elaboration of strategies of lasting development to which it has the right of intellectual property, administrating it according to the legal requirements.

ANM is actively involved in the integration and the international change of data and meteorological information, in the System of World Meteorological Wake for monitoring and protection of the air space and it participates at international actions in the programs of the World Meteorological Organization (OMM), concerning scientific projects financed by the European Community or bilateral and multilateral collaborations.