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DATA INVEST is specialized in projecting, fulfillment and implementation of some software platforms for Geographical IT Systems (GIS).
A careful market analysis determined the defining and the precise contouring of the competence field: conception and production of some platforms of base programs, original for Geographical IT Systems (GIS) and for the development of specific applications.

Data Invest offers a precise answer to the demand of GIS software solutions of integration of the data base with visual information (maps, drafts, photos)

At the moment, Data Invest owns, from the Romanian office for Copyright (ROC), according to the ROC certificate no. 0739/08.08.2002, the right of rendering use licenses for the following own program products:

  • GISMapControl – control Active X
  • NetSET 2004 Professional(Network Spatial Editing Tool) – autility application
  • NetSET 3D – utility application, extension
  • e-ADMINISTRATIE-GIS INTRANET – utility application (component modules: Intranet-CJ, NetSET CUAC)
  • e-AGRO-GIS INTRANET – utility application
  • e-SILVIC-GIS INTRANET – utility application.

The program products GISMapControl and NetSET can completely replace similar GIS products offered until now by companies with tradition abroad, our products presenting a series of advantages like: data security, increased safety in exploitation and stability, very short response time, a very easy use that does not require a code, an increased flexibility and last, but not least, a lower price. These two products are destined both to the domestic market and to export.

NetSET software system allows::

  • Graphic editing – map vectoring in .shp format, through 3 methods that allow their creation and updating;   – Symbol editing;
  • Interrogation – editing thematic maps after the integration of the data base
  • Report editing

NetSET recognizes shapefile (.shp) folders and through other known GIS applications. The product allows import/export operations of the folders in.dxf, .dwg format etc.
The NetSET software product package can be extended by adding a new function, adjusted to the client’s requirements. NetSET is available in the following variants:

  1. work-station
  2. client-server
  3. web-server

INTRANET CJ is a complex application, integrated, based on the own client-server GIS platform and on the Oracle data base system, implementing the e-Administration functions specific to departments of a County Counsel. Our solutions, based on the COM and DCOM technologies, allow maintenance in use, as data terminals, of the less performance equipments, already existing, especially at the level of the county counsels of the communes. Next to INTRANET CJ system price, smaller than other similar offers, our solution, that allows using the already existing equipments, contributes a lot to the reduction of the initial investor effort.
e-AGRO-GIS INTRANET is an utility application destined to the monitoring of the activity of agricultural exploitations. It allows centralization of the data from the territory and rapid set up of thematic reports according to the needs of the County. Directions for Agriculture and Rural Development in accordance with the requests of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forests, Waters and Environment. It is an integrated system with an Oracle data base platform that eliminates the financial efforts and technological difficulties generated by the integration of some disparate applications. It allows the client to build a modern and efficient IT environment that offers real and exact information, contributing at the optimization of the decision making process (for example, granting subventions to agriculture suppliers).
e-SILVIC-GIS INTRANET – utility application due to contribute at the rigorous evidence of forest exploitations and to the long-lasting administration of the forests. It allows the evidence of forest exploitations, of reafforestated surfaces, of the hunting fund, of the works needed to be done so that it should remove the soil erosion effects and landslips.

The complex application e-SILVIC-GIS INTRANET is also integrated in the Oracle data base platform and offers the possibility of setting up some synthesis reports, in accordance with the requirements specific to the field, being a support instrument for decision making.

Data Invest Products and services answer the requests expressed through concepts of e-Government, e-Administration and e-Marketing and speaks to a large range of users, from the most varied fields, including those on the extern market:

Central and decentralized public services: e-Government, Defense, Cartography and Cadastre, Agricultural Exploitations, Civil Protection, People Record, Firefighter Service, Ambulance, Health Insurances System, Protection of Environment, Forest Administration etc.
Local and county public administration: e-Administration, Municipal Cadastre, Construction Authorization, Release of Urbanism Certificates, Planning, Monitoring Public Transportation, Security Services etc.

Bulk and retail sale: e-Management and e-Marketing for distribution networks, competition monitoring etc.
Politics: political and electoral e-Management.